Unofficial pcAmerica forum
hosted by Bay Country Liquors

This forum has been created for users of the pcAmerica point-of-sale software products, Cash Register Express (CRE) and Restaurant Pro Express (RPE).

After switching to CRE at the end of 2013 our store has experienced its fair share of issues with the product. In all fairness, many issues were related with the initial configuration and a lack of understanding Windows and sql configuration.

We did not purchase pcAmerica as a turn-key system that includes the software and hardware. Instead, we purchased the hardware separately, which in the end saved us a good $2300 over a proposed system from pcAmerica.

Biggest problem we had is getting used to the functions and features, mostly the lack of features that we had in our previous POS. Like with all things you plan to buy, the pre sale support was excellent.  Post sale support has been somewhat disappointing, but not to a point for us to be concerned about. Their support is out of India (guess) and sometimes there are problems understanding the limited English some of their engineers speak.

After we purchased the software, we received their monthly newsletter. Unfortunately, none has addressed or described current problems, plans for fixing outright problems or enhancing the products. The newsletters are filled with advertising and general retail stuff that is mostly “old news” for us retailers.

Searching for reviews and other retailer comments we have found very little on the Internet that is constructive, other than good or bad comments. So, we established this forum for users of pcAmerica to share the good, the bad and the ugly. Perhaps even help each other with tips and hints on how to use CRE and RPE.

You are invited to visit the forum and participate and share your views and experience.

Disclaimer: Unlike some other sites that claim to provide a forum for users to express their opinion and concerns and then get solicited for another product, we do not sell software. We are a liquor store.