Beer Drinks

Americans love beer. It is the most frequently requested alcoholic beverage for men and second only to white wine for women. We already pour beer into tall, frosty mugs, what else is there? The fact is there is much more that can be done.

"Blending different type of beers together has long been standard practice in English and Irish pubs," says Steve Abbott of Guinness Import Company, whose job is to assist publicans in developing authentic Irish pubs, which includes consulting on food and drink.

The artful skill of mixing beers together requires balancing the attributes of one brew with the characteristics of another. The key is to use two beers with appreciably different properties--body, taste, texture, sweetness and bitterness.

An excellent example is the Black & Tan, a savory blend of stout and ale, typically Guinness and Bass draughts respectively. The Guinness Stout and Bass Ale have different densities, or specific gravity's. The beers will layer one on top of the other -- the nearly black Guinness floating atop the copper colored Bass -- thereby creating a dramatic appearance. Hoist the combination and the heavier beer will slide along the angle of the glass such that both brews are consumed simultaneously. Set the glass down and the layers remain intact. The effect is captivating.

Beer glass or mug, chilled 
1 oz. Vodka 
2-3 dashes Tobasco sauce 
Fill with draft beer
Ale or beer glass, chilled 
1/2 fill draught Guinness 
1/2 fill draught Bass Pale Ale 
Beer glass, chilled 
1/2 Guinness Stout 
1/2 with hard apple cider 
Bucket or your favorite glass, with ice (salted rim optional) 
2 oz. Bass Ale 
Fill with Bloody Mary mix 
Add 1/2 Tbs. horseradish 
Lime wedge and peeled shrimp garnish
Chilled glass, ice 
3/4 oz. Vodka 
3/4 oz. Gin 
3/4 oz. Tequila 
3 oz. cranberry juice 
Shake and strain 
Fill with draft beer 
Shot glass, chilled 
1/4 fill Vodka 
1/4 Di Saronno Ameretto 
1/4 fill orange juice 
1/4 fill draft beer


Beer glass, chilled 
1/2 Guinness Stout 
fill with champagne
Beer glass, chilled 
1/2 fill with Honey Lager or Hefeweizen 
1/2 fill with Guinness Stout
23 oz. pilsner glass, chilled 
3/4/ fill with draft beer 
1/4 fill Bloody Mary mix 
Float a raw whole egg on top
Beer mug & shot glass, chilled 
1 oz. Di Saronno Amaretto 
7-8 oz. draft beer 
Fill shot glass with Amaretto and drop into beer
Beer glass, chilled 
1 1/4 oz. Goldschlager 
Fill with draft lager 


Beer glass, chilled 
1/2 with Foster's Lager 
1/2 fill with Guinness Stout
Fill glass with Stout, poor Stout over back of spoon into glass.


Beer glass, chilled 
1/2 fill with Bitter Ale 
1/2 fill with Pilsner 
Beer glass, chilled 
1 oz. Di Saronno Amaretto 
1 oz. orange juice 
3-4 oz. draft beer
Beer glass, chilled 
3/4 fill with Bass Ale 
1 oz. Chambord 
Fill with hard apple cider
Beer glass, chilled 
1/2 fill with favorite draft beer 
Fill with ginger ale

How to pour the perfect Black & Tan

"Pouring a perfect Black & Tan is the mark of a professional barkeep," says Steve Abbott of Guinness Import Company. "The drink is delicious. Guinness and Bass taste great together. The real clincher, as you Americans say, is the drink's rather dramatic  presentation. You can expect other guests to order one after seeing the visual display."

You needn't have dual citizenship to pour a perfect Black & Tan. What you will need is a bit of practice mastering the technique. Pouring the beers directly into the glass will cause them to mix, thereby ruining the layering effect. Here then is the proper method of pouring a Black & Tan straight from the people at St. james Gate in Dublin.

  • Fill pint glass half full with Bass Ale.
  • Have a table spoon handy
  • Pour Guinness Draught full speed over the back of the spoon. Fill right to the top just proud of the rim of the glass.
  • Serve to your guests while the Guinness is still cascading.

                         updated 15 June 2000

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